My Toolbox

When I watch someone use their computer, I notice their personal setup and hacks. People collect these tools over into a unique and personal toolbox.

I'm sharing my personal toolbox and I hope can inspire others to do the same! Note: I use a Mac for everything, so most of these are for MacOS


  • nvALT: Do you take notes that you reference often? Perhaps it's your list of restaurants or it's a list of obscure, but useful SQL commands. nvALT is a great note taking tool that heavily relies on keyboard shortcuts. The search and indexing functionality is the killer feature; it's super easy to find your old notes. You can also connect your nvALT to Simplenote to sync with iOS or Android.

    I have to directly attribute this tool combo to Shubhro S. Life changing, thank you 🙏🏽


  • Jumpcut: Seems pretty limiting to only be able to paste the most recent item you copied. What if you wanted to paste that link you copied two times ago? Well, with Jumpcut, you can access up to 40 items from your clipboard! It's lightweight and easy to use.
  • Alfred: Most people use an app launcher, either Spotlight or Alfred. There are fewer differences between the two now than in the past. If you don't use an app launcher, you should start. You can open apps, search for files, search Google, and use the calculator all from the keyboard using a hotkey.
  • Caffeine: Sometimes you don't want my Mac to go to sleep. Perhaps you're running something that you absolutely can't kill or displaying something on your screen for a long period of time. Caffeine keeps your Mac awake with one click in the menu bar.
  • Spectacle: Makes it easy to resize windows precisely or snap windows side-by-side.
  • GIPHY Capture: Whenever I want to show my parents how to do something on their computer, I create a short GIF for them using this tool. Also useful for product demoes at work.

    This one comes from the product GIF master, Joseph A.

Chrome Extensions

  • OneTab: Ever open too many tabs on your laptop and find your computer has slowed to a crawl? Sometimes, you realize that all your open tabs are not immediately relevant. Instead of closing them and losing them, OneTab lets you collapse all your tabs into a saved group that you can re-open later!
  • StayFocusd: If you find yourself on Reddit too long each day, then you can limit your time spent per day using this Chrome extension.


  • oh my zsh: Quick, easy terminal setup. If you're looking for a highly optimized, starter terminal setup, check this out.


  • Rocket: Slack makes it easy to add emojis to a chat. It should be just as easy in other apps. Rocket brings slack style emoji entering everywhere. :raised-hands: